Check In With Your Breath

by Monday, October 26, 2015

Check in with your breath — no I don’t mean for morning breath (ew), I mean sit or stand wherever you are now – right now – and see where your breathing is inside your body. Are you breathing high in the chest with short breaths or do you feel your lower ribs expand a bit with each healthy inhale? Ideally you want to sense the lungs and ribs expanding deep into the torso and the abdominal muscles are flexible and move when the diaphragm moves downward to accommodate the lung/rib expanse.

Try this: put your hands on both sides of your ribcage, exhale forcibly until all breath has left you and you simply… cannot eek out… one… more… second! NOW allow the breath to flood into your lungs — hopefully you felt things move in the mid and lower torso. Do this several more times to remind or begin to train yourself to take a juicier breath — you’re gonna need it!

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